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4 min readFeb 28, 2022


What Is BellasNFTs?

Premium 3D NFTs

BellasNFTs is a collection of 7777 NFTs living in the Ethereum blockchain. Each BellasNFT represents a 3D character usable in Bella’s metaverse.

The key to Metaverse

Your BellasNFTs represents your membership and access to exclusive content in an ecosystem of BellasNFTs DeFi, games and multimedia content.

In-game characters

Each BellasNFT is full rigged and rendered as a 3D model that can be used as in-game characters in Bella’s metaverse.

Exclusive Ecosystem

By owning a BellasNFT you gain exclusive access to $BEL token’s presail, NFT Special Farms and Pools, Virtual Special Events and BellasNFTs metaverse.

Step 1 — Immediate Utility — Community

Holding a Bellas NFT will give you exclusive access to our community in order to bring together a dedicated collection of people who are passionate about fashion, art and creative expression. By being more selective of those who hold Bellas NFTs, we’re ensuring that you’ll be surrounded by those that share your vision, increasing the use and enjoyment of your NFT. • Dedicated members will have priority on getting a spot in the WL before the sale. • After minting , all BellasNFTs will be listed in the biggest NFT marketplace, Opensea.

Step 2 — Whitelist and Mint — 7,777 at 0.077 ETH.

On March 31st we’ll be minting 7,777 Bellas NFTs, priced at 0.077 ETH. The price point is accessible, but only to those that show a real interest in our project. Our Bellas NFTs will be offered to those that appear on our whitelist. This is the only way to ensure that buying one of our NFTs is a conscious choice, and not something that is done on a whim. The presale price will be 0,077 ETH and the public sale price will rise to 0,10 ETH • We will Develop BellasNFTs metaverse on Sandbox, Decentraland, or any other brand new metaverse environment. Proper tiles of lands will be bought and used to create Bella’s Club : The perfect place to meet Bella and the rest full rigged 3D models using VR glasses.

Step 3 — Bellas Token and Staking

Our next step is to create our native token, $BEL and introduce Bella’s DeFi for staking. It’s simple, all holders will be able to stake their NFT to receive $BEL tokens. Marketing plans are already in place to increase the value of this token, making staking a viable choice. Usage for the $BEL token will include our metaverse project, even if you decide to stake your NFT, we want you to be able to enjoy our future utility as a member of the Bellas community.

Step 4 — Metaverse Utility

Once everything is in place, we will launch Bella’s Club. In line with the collection mission and values, we want to display artistic creativity and expression, and for our community to be a beacon for that. The Club will contain art pieces, live virtual performances and unique opportunities. Everything will happen on BellasNFTs Catwalk where famous and non famous designers will advertise their work.

• BellasNFTs holders will have exclusive tickets for the Fashion Weeks and other special Virtual Events. They will get exclusive discounts both for purchases of real products and 3d products for Metaverse. We will also animate a selection of your NFTs and give them roles within the Club. Whether they’re models, dancers, bartenders or virtual drink waitresses, you might get to see your Bella in a new capacity.

Step 5 — The Future of Bella

By now we hope to have solidified Bellas appearance in the Metaverse, and opened up a world of opportunity. Wherever else we can find artistic expression, or creative minds, we hope to implement Bellas as a part of that culture. You might see your NFT hosting virtual awards, or walking a runway for the next big fashion launch.

The possibilities are truly endless.




BellasNFTs is a 3D collection of 7777 NFTs living in the Polygon blockchain. Each NFT represents a 3D character that can be used in a unique gaming metaverse.


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